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Resume 2017

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Visual Effects TD & 3D Generalist


My goal as a Visual Effects Director & 3D CGI Genarlist is to conceptualize, architect, direct, develop & deliver elements of CG visual animation sequences within timeline to the Supervisors exact production specifications.

Work Experience:

  1. Casino VFX –  Tahoe, NV 89448 10/2008 ~ CURRENT

3D Graphics Animation and Motion Graphics Video Productions for Casino Flat Screen TV Presentations. Enterprise Website development with CMS SQL PHP scripts.

  1. Psyience –San Francisco, Ca–3D Multi-Media presentations and animations 1997~current

Independent company development of 3D VFx animation for Casinos & Digital Planetariums.

  1. Planners Collaborative – Boston, Ma – 3D CGI NASA Scientific ShowReel Presentation ~ 8/03

The Planners Collaborative integrated my Psyientific Animation Showreel in to their successful proposal for a major operations & services contract at NASA AMES, Moffett Field, Mountain View, Ca.

  1. Digiquest Learning Center, San Rafael, Ca – 3D CGI Instructor/Developer ~ 1/03 – 7/03

I architected & developed Production Design for a 3d graphics Education Curriculum at a startup CGI Animation school. I configured hardware & software for a 3d graphics lab with network rendering capabilities.

  1. Expressions New Media, Emmeryville, Ca – 3D CGI FX Lab Instructor ~ 5/02 – 7/02

Part time Lab Instructor for a Maya Visual Effects class. Pursuit of a degree credential became a requirement for newly established accredidation standards leading to a temporal position.

  1. The Academy Of Art College, San Francisco, Ca – 3D CGI FX Lead Instructor – 6/00 ~ 12/01

Instructor of Advanced Visual Effects, Compositing & 3D Modeling with Maya, Shake & After FX. I architected a Advanced Visual Effects and Compositing Curriculum layering education & production designs in timeline.

  1. Dimension 7, San Francisco, Ca – CGI Production Artist ~ 1/00 ~ 5/00

I developed a variety of 3D models in a Broadcast Film Production, advised the Producer on Production Design for a CGI studio & also configured Hardware & Software. Some of the 3D animations I developed are a scientifically accurate DNA Molecule, dragonfly and a composition of animated plants and flowers.

  1. Minds Eye Media, San Francisco, Ca – CGI Production Artist~ 5/99 ~ 9/99

I was contracted to model a animated 3d Jurassic environment for a CGI dinosaur animation sequence in a Broadcast Production & configured Hardware & Software. I worked in a Multi-Scene Broadcast Production with 5 other animators harmonizing Enviromental composition with Charchter Animation.


Visual Effects Director ~ Creative & Technical Production Design

My experience Instructing Visual Effects in the classroom has given me the ability to architect, direct, participate & solve elaborate production designs for individual, collaborative and technical-creative 3D CGI Productions amongst numerous supervisors, directors and artists within timeline.

Compositing: Nuke, Shake, Combustion & After FX.

Directing with a fully integrated spectrum of 2D Compositing & 3D CGI Elements, I use a thorough development of Feature Level concepts, techniques and technical production design for DV-HD, Match-Move, Motion Tracking, Blue Screen, Roto-Scope, Cinematography, Photo Real Composite and Composition.

MatchMove:  PF Track, Matchmover & Boujou

Matchmoving DV Cameras & resulting 3D Cameras for 3D Modeling, Animation & Visual Effects Layouts.


Conceptual Modeleling & Animation: Maya and 3D Studio  

Visualizing with 3D perspective concept storyboards, NURBS, POLY & SUB-D technical modeling layouts & Charchter TD for special effect, organic, conceptual, industrial, architectural & environmental models.

Motion Capture: Filmbox/MoCap

Experience & development with Kaydara’s Filmbox & MoCap production using the Ascension Flock of Birds.

Web Multi-Media Development: Pre Enterprise Level

Industrial Portal Solutions integrating Linux, Apache Server, PHP, SQL Database, CMS & CRM Modules with Advanced 3D CGI Visual Effect Animations for education, instruction, commercial & corporate applications.


Maya Unlimited, 3DS, Nuke, Combustion, Shake, PF Track, Matchmover, Boujou, Adobe Suite, MoCap, Linux, PHP, SQL & C++.


  1. Cogswell Polytechnical College, Computer & Video Imaging study, B.A. 3D Computer Animation, 1997-2000
    1. 1175 Bordeaux Drive, Sunnyvale, Ca 94086, 1-800-cogswll www.Cogswell.edu
  2. George Mason University, Fairfax, Va, Computer Science and Art study, 1994-1996